Prawa osób niepełnosprawnych w międzynarodowych aktach prawnych / The rights of disabled persons in international legal acts

Nr I/2011(1), I/2012(2), Autor: mec. Maria Jankowska

Artykuł zawiera prezentację międzynarodowych regulacji prawnych dotyczących praw osób niepełnosprawnych, poprzedzoną omówieniem szeregu pojęć dotyczących praw człowieka, oraz zarysem historycznym krajowych i międzynarodowych aktów zawierających gwarancje tych praw.

Słowa kluczowe: prawo, akty prawne, osoby niepełnosprawne.

The rights of disabled persons in international legal acts

The article contains a presentation of international legal regulations concerning the rights of disabled people, anticipated by the discussion of a range of terms connected with the rights of man and by a historical profile of the Polish and foreign legal acts vouchsafing those rights.
In the work, international legal acts of general character are discussed, as well as regulations of particular character, concerning the rights of disabled people, with the division into legal acts of the Organization of United Nations and the documents of the European Union.
The article contains a broad catalogue of international legal acts as well as a short discussion of the most important regulation, including their character, contents and binding power.
The author formulates a thesis saying that the large number and diversity of legal acts concerning disabled people raises social awareness in this area, at the same time causing, however, an informational chaos in which it is hard to point to the instruments of efficient execution of such rights. It is vital for their real respect that the obedience to those laws is monitored both by especially nominated public subjects and non-governmental organizations.

Key words: law, legal acts, disabled people